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Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Centre (SSDRC)

Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center (SSDRC) is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization, registered for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), that was established in 2010 to provide special education, therapeutic and related services for such children from deprived families of Nepal.
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About the Campaign

It was founded on the belief that each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has the capacity for growth and development, a right to be provided with services that enhance their well-being, quality of life, and opportunities to learn and grow. SSDRC is the pioneer, in Nepal, of organizations working for children with autism, which also provides proper services for adults as well.
Their main priorities are education, health treatments and rehabilitation for such children. SSDRC believes that every autistic individual is unique and has his/her own special qualities. Some autistic individuals might have serious problems with social and verbal interaction, while some suffer from physical disabilities and are unable to live independently. At SSDRC, they know and understand the strength of the children, and help them develop themselves in the areas where they are in need of a little more help.
Their mission is to spread the word about autism; to make Nepal aware of autism; to help dissolve the biases, regarding autism, in the society as well as the affected families and to encourage people to pay attention to the symptoms of autism instead of hiding or ignoring them, because everybody deserves to be heard and understood.
They are currently providing services for 45 children with autism with the help of 26 staff members, including different therapists working with different methods .Over a 100 children have already been provided with education, therapies and vocational trainings.
SSDRC is currently operating in a house, paying rent which is not only a very huge amount but also doesn’t have the sufficient space required and is also not very suitable for the disabled. So, they have bought a piece of land in Tathali, Bhaktapur. They are planning on constructing their own school building for the convenience of the children, so that they may feel more comfortable in every aspect.
So, the main purpose of the fundraiser would be construction of the new school building.

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