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The National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN) is a national non-profit umbrella organization, registered with the District Administration Office (DAO), Lalitpur and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2013 formed by a team of youth NGO activists and professionals to promote and protect youth organizations across the country. It is an autonomous and politically non-partisan organization.
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About the Campaign

NFYN exists with a vision to be the voice of Nepalese youth. The mission of NFYN is to advance and enable the capacity of youth by engaging young people in decision-making and implementation processes. It aims to improve the standard of living for Nepali young people by facilitating and advocating for youth-friendly opportunities with youth entrepreneurship, bio-diversity conservation and climate change, good governance, gender and social inclusion and SDGs localization as their main focus of work.

The National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal is governed by its constitution, branch guidelines and code of conduct. To date, NFYN has formed 65 district chapters in all 75 districts of Nepal. Thousands of youth- led organizations have been united under the National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal. Since 2013, NFYN has been working to mainstream youth participation in the development process. Decentralizing this process is one of the major approaches of the Government of Nepal. Major budget investments in agriculture, health, education, tourism and infrastructure, as well as the initiation of National Pride Projects, mega hydropower projects have proven that Nepal is moving ahead in the development process. In the meantime, technological advancement and mobilization of skilled and energetic human resources have also become a major concern in accelerating the current development dynamics. Therefore, NFYN aims to create a forum of dialogues for the issues related to inclusive participation, livelihood, infrastructure development, cultural harmony, social security, employment, capacity enhancement, social entrepreneurship, projects, and socio-economic aspects; as far as the present economic condition of Nepal is concerned, these aspects are playing a dominating role. The political system has deteriorated due to the prominence of demagogue leaders. The process of project selection and implementation has become subject to political decision making. Similarly, socio-economic issues are badly indoctrinated by the political system. To smooth the wrinkles in the current process, harmony amongst development actors needs to be ensured: however, such harmony is rare. In addition, Nepal is facing a level of “brain-drain” due to the lack of sufficient employment opportunities for youth. More than one thousand youth are going abroad in search of jobs, which is decreasing the productivity level of the country. Finally, marginalized people are still facing different forms of torture. At this time, there is a great need for an institution that could bring these three forces together to help facilitate constructive dialogue, and results to help establish a just society.

Core Values

In all projects, the National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal strives to implement integrity, equality, transparency, accountability, politically neutrality, inclusion, and the Rule of Law.


• Carry out effective research, monitoring and evaluation of the needs of youth in hopes of providing pertinent solutions

• Facilitate joint efforts between youth organizations of different countries, bilateral and multilateral contacts to encourage companionship and mutual aid

• Build cooperation with other youth-concerned international organizations, to implement further support for campaigns, exchanges of information, collaborative meetings and visits, and joint publications

• Strengthen and equip Nepalese youth NGOs to improve their internal governance mechanisms, promoting good governance and enabling sustainable peace and economic prosperity

• Support Youth Civil Society Organizations (YCSOs) in improving public service delivery mechanisms, public advocacy, government engagement and people-friendly legislation in collaboration with media organizations. 


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  • Kishor Rijal

    साँच्चै नै नेपालमा युवाहरु पिंडित, हिंसामा पारिएका तथा उक्साईएका छन् । युवाहरुलाई सम्मानित स्थान दिनका निम्ति तीनै तहका सरकार, नागरिक समाज तथा नीजि क्षेत्रहरुको युवा सम्बन्धी बुझाईमा एकरुपता हुनुपर्छ की । दुईवटा विश्वयुद्धको चपेटामा परिछिन्न भिन्न भएको युरोप युवाहरुको सुन्दर दिमागको प्रतिफलको रुपमा हालको युरोप रहेको छ । तर नेपालका युवाहरुलाई क्षमता अभिबृद्धिका साथै रोजगारी तथा स्वरोजगारीको अवसर पनि चाहिएको छ । तसर्थः कृपया महासंघलाई नगद, जिन्सी तथा प्राविधिक सहायता समेत दान गर्न सकिने छ । यसलाई महासंघ हृदयबाटै स्वागत गर्दछ ।

    April 10, 2019 at 11:37 am Reply

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