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Maya nepal is an organisation, operating since 2062/11/29, that works in the sector of 'Drugs and Alcohol'. They are basically running a rehabilitation centre for drug users and alcoholics, a community care centre for the victims of drug addiction and also a referral for people infected with HIV/Aids, Hepatitis, and harm reduction for drug users, who are in the process of recovery.
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About the Campaign

Their vision and goal is to provide treatment for people with drug addiction, help and guide them through their recovery process and provide medication and treatment for drug users infected with HIV/Aids and hepatitis. But most importantly, they also provide job opportunities for recovered addicts, based on their skills and capabilities and reintegrate them to the society and their families as normal citizens.

They charge people for the services, according to their financial conditions, and even provide free services to some exeptional people who cannot afford to pay even the minimum of charges. The government of Nepal fund a few of those drug users who are below the poverty line, but the funding recieved is not enough. Through the funding provided by the govt., they are able to treat about 8 to 10 people, free of cost.

Their main focus is to provide free services( treatment and medication) for at least 20 to 30 grassroot level drug users(for now), and try to expand the numbers upto about a hundred people, per year, and a little support from your side would help them achieve their goal.

Mission and vision:

-Make recovery program accessible to drug users through
our center.
-Produce spiritually awakened and productive and
responsible member of society.
-Offer basic to advanced level educational training.
-Remain a non-profitable, non political
-Create an informational environment on drug use
aggravating to hazardous diseases such as HIV and
-Place important on health researches relating to Drug
Led HIV and community mental health. Provide scientific
counseling to mentally depressed drug users.
-Increase the quality life intravenous Drug Users and
People Living with HIV/AIDS

It will be totally focused on Free Treatment for grass root Drug Users.
A success interview with recovery drug user.

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