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Mathmandir Gai Bachchha Bachao Tatha Samaaj Bikaas Abhiyaan

Established in 2071 B.S.,मठ मन्दिर गाईबाछा बचाउ तथा समाज बिकास अभियान has been rescuing abandoned street cattle providing shelter and food. they provide medication to the injured and helpless ones suffering in the crowded city. They have land with shed where hardly 200 cattle can shelter, so they are able to provide help to only 200 helpless lives. They are increasing to help more lives. their missions include rescuing helpless cows and bulls located in different streets of city, providing medication to the injured ones after rescue operation. providing quality food along with shelter to stay until someone adopts them and providing last rituals in case of death.
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About the Campaign

In their rescue operation, they receive information about the situation of homeless cows roaming in the street helplessly in seek of food and love. Then their team of 4-5 rescue members go to that specified location renting a vehicle to transport the cattle. their rescue team also includes a veterinarian to provide immediate medication in the spot. Then after basic medication, the cattle is loaded in the vehicle and brought to the organization. Afterwards, they ensure quality food, shelter and love to them. If the cattle is a baby calf then we hire a motorcycle and transport the calf in motorcycle.

Due to lack of vehicle owned by the organization, they are compelled to rent a vehicle every time they have a rescue operation. They have somehow managed to pay for the rented vehicle till now.

Where will the funds go?

The funds raised will be utilized primarily for medication of the injured cattle and for their fodder as per the necessity.

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