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Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART)

Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART) has been working endlessly to improve the lives of animals in Nepal, particularly street dogs and cats since its inception in 2010. It has two bases in Pokhara and Bharatpur. Kennels and operating facilities have been established in both bases to enable neutering programs and rescue and treatment of sick and injured animals. HART also runs mass anti-rabies vaccination campaigns yearly in its two bases to ensure the safety of the dogs and the community from rabies. Repetition of program is essential to maintain effectiveness, build up confidence in the community and create a friendlier environment for street animals. Through collaborations with other NGOs, academic institutions, government departments and municipalities, HART has extended its services to different parts of the country.
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About the Campaign


Since May 2010 – 2018, HART has accomplished the following:

  • 17,743 animals (dogs and cats) have been successfully sterilized under Animal Birth Control Program
  • 26,171 vaccinations done all over the country under Mass Anti-Rabies Vaccination Campaign
  • 4,689 animals treated under Rescue and Treatment Operations
  • Thousands of students and community members taught and trained on rabies, dog behavior and responsible pet ownership under Rabies Awareness and Animal Welfare Program

(Highly infectious diseases such as distemper and parvo are rampant in street dogs. Every time we bring in a dog with these illnesses, all the other rescued dogs in our care are exposed to the infection. Most of the rescued dogs are already sick, weak and unvaccinated and hence, at a high risk. In the past, a distemper outbreak in the clinic took lives of 7 dogs, all at once. Having an isolation unit will ensure that the dogs with such infections are separated from other dogs. This will protect other rescued dogs in the clinic and makes sure that the infected dogs get a good chance at life.)


The funds raised through this campaign will be utilized to:

  • Fill in the remaining amount for the construction of the separate isolation unit to hold, foster and provide necessary veterinary treatment to sick animals that are infected with contagious diseases.
  • Neuter street dogs to control over-population. The cost of neutering one dog is NRS 3,000 including sedation, sutures, anti-rabies vaccine and all other necessary medications. The anti-rabies vaccine provides one full year of immunity against rabies. Half the raised amount will enable us to neuter 50 new dogs.

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