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Their goal is to educate women from marginalized communities in Nepal to become entrepreneurs. Through their program, they provide classes in English, Math, Business economy along with practical training within advanced tailoring. Not only is this a program for learning, it is also a platform for teaching and giving.
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About the Campaign

Hattihatti envisions that Every women has the freedom to imagine and live self-dependent and happy lives.  There are activities such as empowering women (esp. from marginalized communities) through non-formal education, personal growth trainings, skill development through tailoring and entrepreneurship development. As they acquire  tailoring skills, the tailors will then be taken to their respective communities as mobilizers to train other girls, as the next step or project – thus causing a positive ripple effect amongst women and their communities.

Why a tailor from HattiHatti as the mobilizer?

They not only share the things they learn, but also share their experiences that changed their lives. Thus, they can be the best inspiration to other girls of their community – the community from where they stepped out and made the decision to be independent.

Where will the funds go?

The funds raised through the crowdfunding platform will be utilized for the training of marginalized women and to buy required materials for training. 

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