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In Nepal, patients are responsible for managing blood for their transfusion needs. From figuring out which blood bank to go and looking for donors in times of a shortage is stressful and emotionally draining for a patient’s family. While quite a few motivated and selfless groups in social media have mushroomed over the years, there’s a void for an overall efficient and systematic process. Almost all blood banks in the country record blood information manually. There’s a tedious process of back-office paperwork for blood banks and inefficiencies when it comes to handling emergencies, connecting to donors and sharing information in general.
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Hamro LifeBank, a non-profit based in Nepal, is taking a data-centric approach to cut the stress out of the process by solutions given below.

Solve I – Smart Blood Banks A central repository built with all the needs of the nuances of local blood banks will help blood banks keep a transparent stock inventory accessible to hospitals and brew harmonized donor database.

Solve II – Donor Motivation & Retention Hamro LifeBank is running smart blood donation campaigns targeted at youth. The overall blood management system will track blood data from collection to supply, thus creating a digital lifecycle of a blood bag. Donors are then sent a thank you message that their blood saved a life. Donor is motivated to donate again.

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