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ChildSafeNet is a non-profit organization, established with a mission to make the digital technology safer for children and young people. Their vision is that children and young people safely use the digital technology and benefit from it. Their programs include cyber safety training, awareness raising, research etc.
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About the Campaign

Cyber Safety Training:
• ChildSafeNet conducts cyber safety training for children, young people, parents and teachers. They conduct training sessions, mostly in schools and colleges. They also conducted training for Leo Club members and Miss Nepal 2018 & 2019 contestants.
• They conducted a three-day cyber safety Training of Trainers in 2018 and produced 21 trainers. Likewise, they developed training three modules for children, young people and parents.
Awareness Raising:
• In order to reach focused beneficiary groups, They produce and disseminate awareness and advocacy videos, motion graphics, info-graphics, radio programs, animations and print materials, tailor-made to cater their specific tastes.
• They disseminate digital media materials Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ChildSafeNet’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/childsafenetnepal) has over 13,500 followers.
• They raised awareness on cyber safety at Computer Association of Nepal Info-Tech in 2018 and 2019 and reached over 25,000 people. For the first time, with ChildSafeNet’s initiation and leadership, Nepal celebrated the Safer Internet Day in 2019.
• ChildSafeNet conducts researches on cyber safety among children and young people.
• In 2018, they conducted a research with 2,700 children and young people on their online behavior and online risks. They also conducted a number of online and tablet-based surveys and are planning to conduct more researches on cyber safety.

Where Will the funds go?
The funds raised will be utilized for running training/awareness raising programs as well as for developing online and offline materials related to safer internet use.

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