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Centre for Disabled Children Assistance (CDCA)

Centre for Disabled Children (CDCA) Kapan was established in 2006 a with a vision of a country where all children with physical disabilities and helpless children can live their lives independently with full dignity. Their mission is to enable the children with physical disabilities and helpless children, by providing a ‘child-friendly’ environment, rehabilitating them, providing them with school education, medical treatment and psycho social counseling.
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About the Campaign

CDCA aims to increase access to free education and free health to reduce vulnerability, and poverty. In the process, CDCA is providing educational support for 43 students. They also provided non-formal education for 150 women and are currently teaching 32 women. They do receive some funding but they are also self-sustained. For sustainability and to provide skills and opportunities for women, they provide tailoring training at Kapalvastu (240 students; 30 women every year since 2011). They have also constructed smokeless stove in around 150 houses, they repair wheelchairs (they currently have 19 wheelchairs with them and 30 wheelchair parts. They also distributed steel tin in Gorkha after the earthquake.

As there are only a few, if not any, organizations where wheelchairs are manufactured and repaired, Nepal lacks the skilled manpower to repair wheelchair. Currently, their main focus of work is repairing wheelchairs.

The funds raised through this crowd funding platform will be utilized  to generate manpower and provide basic services to the wheelchair users and raise awareness.

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  • CDCA

    Thank you so much to all people who have been able to help us with your friends and family please Share with your friends
    Thanks again to anyone

    April 19, 2019 at 11:51 am Reply

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