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Bara needs you now!

Let's gather up once again to support our fellow citizens in Bara. Struck with the storm, thousands are in peril with hunger, homelessness and even death of their beloved ones. A small support can add to the aid of many.
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About the Campaign

A very tragic incident took place on the 31 st of March, 2019; a massive wind storm (tornado) hit Bara and Parsa districts. Probably all of us are aware of the current situation where at least thirty-one people have been killed and more than 500 people are injured and many more homeless, according to the news reports of ‘Kantipur Daily’ and ‘Kathmandu Post’.
The Nepal government has promised to bear treatment costs and rebuild infrastructures that were destroyed by the wind storm while numerous organizations and institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, are trying their best to help the people in any way possible.
However, there is always room for more support.

Lets add a drop to the ocean and help the people who suffered such great loss. We, at Hiteri, are collecting cash, tents, medication, blankets, mattresses, clothes or anything that can be of use to the people in Bara and Parsa Districts.

You can donate online through E-Sewa or make offline donations (especially in-kind donations). Fill up the offline form and we will contact you and collect your donation.

The donations collected shall be handed only to the verified organisations working directly on the ground, and monitored closely for accountability.

Everything donated shall be updated on the page frequently.

– Hiteri Team

Picture Source: E-Kantipur

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  • Khem B Thapa Magar

    Dear Team,
    How could we ensure that the amount we have donated is actually overhanded to the beneficiaries?

    April 4, 2019 at 2:48 pm Reply


      We shall be providing a detailed report of the works done on the ground and where the funds have been utilised and this shall be made public on our site

      We can send you the report directly in your email too if you’d like.
      Your support means a lot. And we are glad you are asking questions which shows us your concern for the community.

      Hope that answers your query.
      With best regards,
      Hiteri Team

      April 7, 2019 at 1:44 pm Reply

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