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Bal Mandir (Nepal Child Organization)

Nepal Children’s Organization Children’s Home, Naxal was established in 1964. Children homes, Naxal is for the orphaned, for those children whose both father and mother died or father died and abandoned by the mother concluding second marriage after the death of father or children found in an unclaimed situation or children abandoned by mother at the maternity home or hospital on date of birth. They have a pre-five centre where they are currently sheltering and nurturing 25 new-born babies and toddlers below five years of age.They have mothers who look after the children and volunteers who help out the mothers. the children are fed lactogen and they have started breastfeeding program where new mothers voluntarily feed the babies and some people also deliver mothers milk in containers.
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About the Campaign

How can 3 lakhs help Bal Mandir?

The funds raised will be utilized for the following:

  1. Food for the children- Lactogen, for infants and toddlers, and meals for grown up children.
  2. Clothes- napkins and diapers for infants and toddlers and uniforms and regular clothes for children.
  3. Other facilities and basic needs- education, accommodation, educational and refreshment trips etc.

You can also donate mothers milk, home cooked food for the children, clothes (in good condition), toys, books and anything that you think may be of use to the children.

Let’s help the children enjoy a good childhood as we all know that they are the future of the country.

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