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Astitwa Nepal, ever since its establishment in 2018, is trying to become the voice of the unheard, the platform for those who felt to have lost their identity - it has been working for the survivors of burnt violence, empowering socially excluded women due to burn (acid burn and/or burn though other sources). Their vision is to provide support for burn survivors and to advocate in ending burn violence. And their mission is to act as a catalyst to end burn violence.
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About the Campaign

Astitwa Nepal has actively shown its presence in the Nepalese community and among the organizations, advocating against domestic violence.  They have been supporting burn survivors rigorously through their capacity-building program. Besides that, they have been providing educational support to 6 children of the survivors. Furthermore, the organization has encouraged women to come up with their concepts to live an independent life through which, those women have been running their own small businesses selling pickles, key-rings, dry fish and many other packed food items in the local market. Astitwa – Nepal has provided them with both financial and emotional support to peruse their concept. They are also trying to expand their link within domestic market and to the international communities. Apart for financial aspect, the organization has been successfully providing counseling to women who have lost their hope and confidence. Women have been able to stand on their own and are starting to move a step ahead to support themselves and their immediate family.

The funds raised will be utilized in capacity building skill development trainings, education of survivors and/or their children and nutritional support and in providing training on the ways to avoid burn injuries and psychological counseling to the survivors.

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