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Animal Nepal, established as a non-profit organization in 2004, was registered as an NGO in 2009. Seeing the dire condition of dogs in Lalitpur and recognizing the cruel methods (culling and poisoning) being utilized for their population management, they initiated a community based stray dog rescue and release program called ‘Humane Dog Management Program’. Under this program, about 6,000 dogs are sterilized, 10,500 dogs are vaccinated and more than 5800 dogs are treated.
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About the Campaign

Shocked by seeing the condition of equines in brick factories, they established a ‘Working Equine Outreach Program’ in Lalitpur, in 2010, which they later expanded to other districts namely, Dhading, Banke and Gorkha. Every year, more than 2500 working equines are directly reached out to by their veterinary team. About 90 equine owners and more than 500 handlers were trained, to take care of those equines in 2017.
Animal Nepal is also well known for their national campaigns in the areas of working animals, livestock transport and slaughter, elephant abuse and dog poisoning. They conduct awareness campaigns among school students and media representatives. They are actively working and advocating with the Government of Nepal to improve the lives of all animals with a special focus on working and stray animals. They also work with related government authorities for the development and implementation of legislation, to insure the welfare of animals.
Animal Nepal envisions a harmonious and empathetic society for animals. Their mission is to extend their services and facilitate behavioral change and communication for animal welfare.
They are planning on building an education center in Dukuchhap. They have bought a piece of land and already started building a donkey sanctuary. With a little support from your end we, as a whole, could change the lives of helpless animals. The funds raised through this platform will be utilized for the construction of the above mentioned building that will include a training hall, a library, a small animal sanctuary and a dog shelter.

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