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With the rise in the COVID19 cases, and more low economy families getting isolated at homes, the demand for oxygen ventilators have increased drastically in Janakpur. The Cloth bank is going to establish oxygen plant to decrease the number of deathsdue to lack of oxygen. Not only that, we are also planning to buy PCR test machine to set up a testing centre where people can test their covid-19 infection free of cost. The Cloth bank will establish separate ICU that helps people to get ICU in any emergency case.
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हाल विश्वभरी फैलिरहेका नयाँ कोरोना भाइरसको संक्रमणलाई विश्वव्यापी महामारीको रुपमा घोषणा गरिसकिएको छ । यसै क्रममा नेपालले पनि "लकडाउन" घोषणा गरेपछी दैनिक ज्यालामा जिविका चलाउने कामदारहरुलाई निकै कठिन अवास्था आइपरेको हामीले देखेका छौँ। आउनुहोस् सबै मिलेर ज्यालागदारी कामदार दाजुभाइ तथा दिदीबहिनीहरुलाई यस्तो बेला सहयोग गरौँ।
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Organizing women, men and children of urban poor community through empowerment by developing the awareness of their own personal and communal problems and give them a With the mission to create the conditions for women, men and children of poor communities to improve their quality of life by organizing them through their empowerment & awareness of individual & community issues, SOUP strives to provide communities in low economy urban areas with positive change and sustainable improvement of socio-economic living.
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यो जाडो महिना, आउनुहोस हामी सबै मिलेर सिरक तथा ब्लाङ्केट अनुदान गरौँ, निराश्रित र अभावमा रहेका बालबालिका, ज्येष्ठ नागरिक र परिवारलाई न्यानो बस्न सहयोग गरौँ। From the Terai to the mountains, this winter has been harsh to those who cannot buy warm clothes or blankets. One donation that you make will not only keep a person warm but can actually save lives.
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साना साना थोपा मिली सागर बनेझैँ तपाईको सानो देनले धेरै सहयोग पुग्नेछ। With the monsoon, there are thousands displaced, injured or in loss of their families due to the uncontrollable floods, landslides and damage to the residential areas. A lot of these people are in need of clothes, hygiene kits, food and safe water. Please support the campaign towards providing relief to these areas through our trusted and verified organisations. Let's get together to support the fellow citizens!
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Let's gather up once again to support our fellow citizens in Bara. Struck with the storm, thousands are in peril with hunger, homelessness and even death of their beloved ones. A small support can add to the aid of many.
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The Collaborative Schools Network (CSN) is an organization that adopts and manages struggling public schools in Nepal and transforms the quality of education they provide. They sign the contract with the local government which allows them to manage the schools in the particular municipality. CSN adopted its first school in 2015, and currently manages three schools in Kathmandu: Shree Jana Uddhar Secondary School, Budhanilkantha Shree Bhanodaya Basic School, Siddhipur andShree Madan Ashrit Adarsha Basic School, Tokha
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