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यो जाडो महिना, आउनुहोस हामी सबै मिलेर सिरक तथा ब्लाङ्केट अनुदान गरौँ, निराश्रित र अभावमा रहेका बालबालिका, ज्येष्ठ नागरिक र परिवारलाई न्यानो बस्न सहयोग गरौँ। From the Terai to the mountains, this winter has been harsh to those who cannot buy warm clothes or blankets. One donation that you make will not only keep a person warm but can actually save lives.
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With our effort to provide support to individuals and families in crisis as well as some hard working small organisations that are trying to cater to those on the streets or in trouble, we have decided to shift our focus back in Kathmandu valley due to travel restrictions with Covid19 Lockdown and landslides. Lately, we have been receiving requests from families that have lost their rental spaces, jobs and any sort of security due to the exacerbating situation of Covid. We are in efforts of providing the basic support for these families and people and work them through a sustainable plan where they can be independent again. We shall also be collaborating with as many other organisations possible to make the impact bigger and positive. For this process, we need your support without which we can aim to achieve such a massive task of a longer term support. This is what we need: 1. Mattresses, Bed sheets, mosquito nets and blankets. 2. Good condition clothes and shoes. 3. Sanitation packs: Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel, new undergarments, Mosquito coils 5. Basic First aid kits. 6. Toys for children (working condition) 7. Kitchen utensils (working condition)
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साना साना थोपा मिली सागर बनेझैँ तपाईको सानो देनले धेरै सहयोग पुग्नेछ। With the monsoon, there are thousands displaced, injured or in loss of their families due to the uncontrollable floods, landslides and damage to the residential areas. A lot of these people are in need of clothes, hygiene kits, food and safe water. Please support the campaign towards providing relief to these areas through our trusted and verified organisations. Let's get together to support the fellow citizens!
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Let's gather up once again to support our fellow citizens in Bara. Struck with the storm, thousands are in peril with hunger, homelessness and even death of their beloved ones. A small support can add to the aid of many.
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