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With the rise in the COVID19 cases, and more low economy families getting isolated at homes, the demand for oxygen ventilators have increased drastically in Janakpur. The Cloth bank is going to establish oxygen plant to decrease the number of deathsdue to lack of oxygen. Not only that, we are also planning to buy PCR test machine to set up a testing centre where people can test their covid-19 infection free of cost. The Cloth bank will establish separate ICU that helps people to get ICU in any emergency case.
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हाल विश्वभरी फैलिरहेका नयाँ कोरोना भाइरसको संक्रमणलाई विश्वव्यापी महामारीको रुपमा घोषणा गरिसकिएको छ । यसै क्रममा नेपालले पनि "लकडाउन" घोषणा गरेपछी दैनिक ज्यालामा जिविका चलाउने कामदारहरुलाई निकै कठिन अवास्था आइपरेको हामीले देखेका छौँ। आउनुहोस् सबै मिलेर ज्यालागदारी कामदार दाजुभाइ तथा दिदीबहिनीहरुलाई यस्तो बेला सहयोग गरौँ।
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With the onset of the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus and a couple cases already identified in the nation, it is essential to note that the health workers are working tirelessly to provide the best to the public and are constantly putting themselves at risk. At this time, we have made a small effort to raise some fund for the protective gear for the doctors and nurses to remain safe from contamination. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an emergency gear needs for volunteers, doctors or any health worker in response to the control and management of Corona virus/ Covid19. Breakdown: Cost:- 1 set Personal Protection Equipment per doctor/ nurse Cost for 1 set PPE= Rs. 4000+ VAT Requirements= 100 ( 7 provinces) X Rs 4000 Total Funds Required = Rs 4,00,000
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  • Rs.1,000.00 Pledged
  • 68 Days Left
Dirghajeevi Voluntary Group was established in 2063 B.S. with the vision of children fighting with cancer living a joyful, longer life. Their mission is to develop a self-awareness among children fighting with cancer and their families and society on Cancer and its relation with quality of life.
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  • 67 Days Left
Health Transformed by Art (HTA) is a community art project initiated by Siddhartha Art Gallery. The project aims to bring out the untapped therapeutic value of visual art in a hospital setting and provide psychological relief to patients, parents, hospital staff, and the general public.
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Naya Goreto (NG) is Nepal’s first Rehabilitation Centre where people with various addictions can come, stay and leave on their own free will as a part of their recovery. Established in 2003 A.D. Naya Goreto envisions a country without social stigma, discrimination and injustice wherein vulnerable groups can enjoy the right to a life with dignity.
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  • Rs.7,710.00 Pledged
  • 67 Days Left
“Since their establishment, SETU Nepal has been working as a bridge to fill up the gap between the isolated group of women and children and the society, with care, support, education and capacity building” - Aarati House, a transit home. A shelter with 14 beds capacity is providing treatment for children and women with HIV along with necessary support for rehabilitation
  • 20.90% Funded
  • Rs.20,900.00 Pledged
  • 67 Days Left

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