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With the rise in the COVID19 cases, and more low economy families getting isolated at homes, the demand for oxygen ventilators have increased drastically in Janakpur. The Cloth bank is going to establish oxygen plant to decrease the number of deathsdue to lack of oxygen. Not only that, we are also planning to buy PCR test machine to set up a testing centre where people can test their covid-19 infection free of cost. The Cloth bank will establish separate ICU that helps people to get ICU in any emergency case.
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Organizing women, men and children of urban poor community through empowerment by developing the awareness of their own personal and communal problems and give them a With the mission to create the conditions for women, men and children of poor communities to improve their quality of life by organizing them through their empowerment & awareness of individual & community issues, SOUP strives to provide communities in low economy urban areas with positive change and sustainable improvement of socio-economic living.
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With the mission to to enhance employability with self-dependence, self/employment and realization of rights and duty amongst children and youth living in difficult circumstances, the funds raised shall be utilized in delivering market oriented vocational skills along with job placement support to underprivileged youths from different parts of the country.
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Sunita Foundation is a non-profit organization established by the human trafficking survivors in 2019 AD. This organization is established by Sunita Danuwar, Trafficking In Person Hero-2018. She is listed in 36th out of 50 great leaders of the world for her continuous activism in anti-human trafficking campaign ( http://blog.damelionetwork.com/fortunes-worlds-greatest-leaders-2019-who-are-worlds-best-leaders). Sunita Danuwar is honored by several national and international awards, which includes, among others, C10 Award in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, Asia Human Rights and Democracy Award in 2015 in Taiwan, World Women Leadership Achievement Award in 2015.Similarly, she is the member of first global survivor’s network.
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Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) is a non-governmental organization established in 1999 A.D. Their mission is to help foster the growth of independent, self-sufficient, decision making women by encouraging self-empowerment. EWN is dedicated to improving the world one woman and one girl at a time.
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Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) is a non-profit organization, working in Nepal since 1990. Their primary category of work falls under children and youth. Their mission is to offer hope and opportunity to the most impoverished children of Nepal by providing them vital healthcare, education and a safe environment, and by creating livelihood opportunities for the youth.
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The National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN) is a national non-profit umbrella organization, registered with the District Administration Office (DAO), Lalitpur and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2013 formed by a team of youth NGO activists and professionals to promote and protect youth organizations across the country. It is an autonomous and politically non-partisan organization.
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