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साना साना थोपा मिली सागर बनेझैँ तपाईको सानो देनले धेरै सहयोग पुग्नेछ। With the monsoon, there are thousands displaced, injured or in loss of their families due to the uncontrollable floods, landslides and damage to the residential areas. A lot of these people are in need of clothes, hygiene kits, food and safe water. Please support the campaign towards providing relief to these areas through our trusted and verified organisations. Let's get together to support the fellow citizens!
  • 14.00% Funded
  • Rs.14,000.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
Everyone knows that HIV AIDS is a communicable disease. However, what people don’t understand is how the disease is transmitted from one person to another. In some cases children are born with HIV as either one or both of the parents were infected. Such children are discriminated and kept away from other children because of fear of transmission. Nima Goley and Unnati Goley, are such children. Both their parents have passed away from HIV Aids and they had no one to take care of them. Setu Nepal found them and are now sheltering them in Setu Nepal’s house, taking care of them and even trying to send them to school(one of them has already started).
  • 0.40% Funded
  • Rs.1,205.00 Pledged
  • 99 Days Left
With the onset of the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus and a couple cases already identified in the nation, it is essential to note that the health workers are working tirelessly to provide the best to the public and are constantly putting themselves at risk. At this time, we have made a small effort to raise some fund for the protective gear for the doctors and nurses to remain safe from contamination. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an emergency gear needs for volunteers, doctors or any health worker in response to the control and management of Corona virus/ Covid19. Breakdown: Cost:- 1 set Personal Protection Equipment per doctor/ nurse Cost for 1 set PPE= Rs. 4000+ VAT Requirements= 100 ( 7 provinces) X Rs 4000 Total Funds Required = Rs 4,00,000
  • 0.25% Funded
  • Rs.1,000.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN-Nepal) is a nongovernmental and non-profit organization established in 1993. The major objective of the organization is promotion and protection of child Rights in Nepal. Its principal purpose is to be an advocator for underprivileged children and at the same time to improve the living conditions of children working in hazardous situations in Nepal.
  • 1.47% Funded
  • Rs.4,400.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
ChildSafeNet is a non-profit organization, established with a mission to make the digital technology safer for children and young people. Their vision is that children and young people safely use the digital technology and benefit from it. Their programs include cyber safety training, awareness raising, research etc.
  • 0.00% Funded
  • Rs.0.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
With the mission to improve education, health, disaster relief and eLibrary sectors in mainly disadvantaged, marginalized community of eastern, western and far western districts of Nepal, Help Nepal Network (HENN) believes in contributing to these projects as a community. With a running global crowdfunding, HENN hopes to find help from the Nepalese supporters in Nepal. For what purpose/ project will the funds raised in Hiteri  be utilised? • To construct the school building in Dolakha district. • To shift children of the school from temporary shelters to permanent classrooms • To give quality education
  • 0.60% Funded
  • Rs.3,010.00 Pledged
  • 99 Days Left

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We started gathering housewives, who gave up on their dreams and interests after marriage, to motivate them and help them pursue their goals. We held some activities that our members were interested in and found out that it is very important that women continue doing such activities, even if they are married and have children, for rejuvenation. Just because someone is married doesn’t mean she should only be doing household works, but she should also have some time for herself and her interests. That is what ‘Women’s Club’ is all about.
We were very happy to know that Hiteri is raising funds for NGOs. We are planning to expand our activities according to the interests of our members, but we have not been able to do that for a while due to financial problems. But now, Hiteri is helping us through crowdfunding. For a growing organization like ours, Hiteri is a great platform. We are looking forward to start new programs with the help of Hiteri and we thank the team that is working to make this happen.
- Women's Club

Our shelter home had just received two new children and we were looking for any kind of help that we could get to support those two children. Here at Setu Nepal, we shelter the children of people infected with HIV, have passed away or those in prison, as the children are mostly discriminated. We have very few number of children living with us. We provide education, healthy food, shelter, other basic needs and very good facilities for these children. Two new children were recently brought to us and we need some funds or sponsors for them to go to school.
Hiteri came to us as a blessing. As the first online crowdfunding platform in Nepal, there is hope for many people who need help. We are very happy that the two children can go to a good school now, with the help of this platform and we are very thankful for the all the effort.

- Setu Nepal

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